Historic Overview – Apostle Louise Olwagen

Apostle Louise Olwagen (Bmin) founded Africa International Ministries (AIM) in 2000 with a strategic focus on church leadership training, community development and urban and rural evangelism. As an ordained pastor who has overseen several churches, she promoted excellence in ministry through mentoring spiritual sons in Apostolic Discipleship, Leadership Development and Training.

Apostle Louise is also a Trained Specialist Counsellor in the SAPD Victim Empowerment Programme for Rape Victims, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Cults Level 1, Cults Level 2, Satanic Ritual Abuse Victims Level 1, Trauma Debrief 1, Trauma Debrief 2, Bereavement Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Prayer Therapy, Demonology, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Growth and Development, Body and Health.

A former parliamentarian and Speaker, Apostle Louise presided over sittings of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. As a kingdom influencer, she has imparted godly values and principles to business, government and foreign nations. Her parliamentary representational achievements include:

  • International Constitution of the Interfaith Charter Legislation for 2019
  • Commissioning Report Adopted for Legislation 2014, Xenophobia and women (2009)
  • Commissioning Report Adopted for Legislation 2015, Gender-Based Violence and Corrective Rape (2010)
  • Commissioning Report Adopted for Legislation 2013, Tribunal Courts and Gender-Based Violence (2011)

Having overseen Africa International Ministries for 18 years, Apostle Louise Olwagen is increasing her focus on international apostolic ministry as part of the strategic end-times move of God.

Co-Director – John Olwagen

Prior to meeting his wife Apostle Louise, evangelist, preacher and teacher, John Olwagen, formerly planted and administered a church which is still actively growing. Africa International Ministries has reached many diverse communities, and has ministered healing and spiritual recovery to individuals in drug rehabilitation. Sharing the joy of many coming to Christ. Evangelist John Olwagen, has spiritually impacted the business sector, the Interdenominational Church Industry, Church Ministry Leadership, teaching and training spiritual sons in ministry. Our ministry approach is towards developing multi-clustered community projects within South Africa, the greater Africa region and Europe. The focus has been to impact, restore and develop communities by transformation. The Ministry assisted with crisis recovery, by contributing and providing support to affected regions, individuals, offering family support and crisis management.

Handing down the Baton / Changing of the Guard – AIM-Reformation 5778

In late 2017, the Lord began to speak to Apostle Louise about a new season for Africa International Ministries, whereas the old ministry and vision was completed and AIM-Reformation 5778 was birthed during September 2017. The focus of the ministry was to become about raising and releasing apostolic sons who could influence the seven spheres of the Apostolic Ministry. The baton of the ministry was to be handed down to a visionary couple who God anointed to pick up and run with the ministry mantle in the new season.

What our Logo Emblem Represents

What our Logo Emblem Represents

Definition of the Africa International Ministries (AIM) emblem/logo:

  1.  The Light and Water: The light shines out of Pretoria as the Capital City of South Africa- impacting the edges of Europe. The water is represented as the circle around the logo which will have a ripple effect globally coming from the continent of Africa.
  2. The Oil of Anointing is seen as a drop behind the continent of Africa. This is the Melchizedek Priesthood operating in the Apostolic five-fold end-time ministries and businesses.
  3. Africa Red: Spiritual forefathers like Reinhard Bonnke declared that Africa shall be saved. This is an embedded seed in the soil of Africa that will rise in the end times and seasons.

The Africa International Ministries logo and emblem is a registered trademark and may not be used by any other party other than Africa International Ministries (AIM) or AIM-Reformation5778.org.